Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

I have been teaching the foundation of ABMm to salespeople for over a decade. Sure the data sources, email platforms, and content changes every few years (or even faster today), but the underlying principle stays the same. Salespeople must find a way to stand out by speaking directly to their prospects. In the world of complex sales, no one will give you the time of day when you are sending blanket emails through Marketing Automation or email blast tools. Those tools are perfect for newsletters or some simple transactional sales where the prospect can buy with a couple clicks using a credit card. The further you go up market; the more important it is to have one on one conversations. Which brings up our next challenge.

Who has time to speak to all of their prospects on a one to one basis? I sure don’t know anyone. It takes multiple hours a week to communicate effectively and you still have to deal with: internal meetings, forecasting, expense reports, and current customers just to name a few.

This is where ABMm comes in. It gives you the power to conduct one to one type conversations in minutes, instead of spending hours on the same activity. My goal is to give every sales person back 3 hours a week. That works out to be 156 hours a year or nearly an extra month in your calendar year!! What could your team do with an extra month this year?

I have a few ideas…

Happy selling!!

-Noah DiPasquale




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