Why ABM?

Why ABM?

Why ABM? Because you have to! Marketing has changed. Let’s face it, our large net fishing tactics do not consistently yield the results that we want and need. Consumers are getting smarter by researching and making buying decisions on their own. In today’s technology driven society we are bombarded with emails, texts, adds and sales requests. The online noise has become so loud that marketers are being forced to get more creative and personal to be heard. An account based marketing approach is the mega-phone we marketers need to rise above the noise and stand out.

Basic ABM requires you to identify a key set of accounts and prioritize key targets within those accounts. Sounds pretty straight forward! However, the secret sauce for an ABM methodology is that you make each person within that account feel special with 1:1 custom messaging. A well-executed ABM program leaves prospects with the feeling that you know their business and you know them. It allows you to break through the spam barriers and gives you the opportunity to provide something valuable for the person on the other end.

We often get caught up in the terminology of leads/opportunities and prospects/targets but I think it’s important to remember that there are actual people on the other end of these deals. They have pains, challenges and visions of growth and greater success. ABM helps to humanize the marketing play and gives you a better chance at connecting with the actual person that is responsible for making buying decisions. This in time will lead to better conversations, faster sales cycles and bigger deals- which ultimately leads to happy sales teams. Happy sales team = Happy marketer!

Net/Net-ABM gets you the right leads in the right accounts. How do you build something like this without signing up for another full-time job on top of your current one? There are many tools out there to help you build an ABM plan. The key is finding the tools you need to successfully execute. Time is important for us and per usual sales needs leads like yesterday! Making the right investment in a tool that both sales and marketing can utilize will save time and make everyone’s lives much easier! Good luck on your ABM journey and “May the (ABM) force be with you!

-Cari Robinson

Senior Marketing Consultant


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