ABMm Software

ABMm Software was designed with 20 years of sales best practices in mind and streamlines and boosts CRM and Outlook Email capabilities. As result, a user is able to access his Salesforce database right in their email provider. The following are step-by-step instructions on how to search by email, select customers/leads, and email/message selection by entering the client email address and selecting the search box, customer information will generate based on a variety of criteria including, but not limited to city, title, company revenue range, etc., selected by the user.

  • Download and Install the ABMm Outlook plugin following the instructions which are available from the ABMm website.

  • For Installing ABMm software you need License key, which you will receive in email of Purchase you have made, along with other Instruction as below

  • After that click on Download package link given in email, or open it new browser
  • Login into Salesforce.com if you are not already logged in . The following screen will appear.



  • The user will need to select whether it is Install for Admins only or Install for All Users. After selecting the option-
  • Click on the Install button. The Salesforce package will then be installed in to your Salesforce environment.
  • Upon opening Outlook, the user will be able to see the Salesforce Login screen with the ABMm logo on the right side of the panel, as pictured below.



Steps to use after completion of ABMm Installation: – 

  1. Enter the Salesforce Login credentials and click the Login button. Enter the verification code sent to the user’s cell phone via text or email.
  1. From here, the user should be able to see the page (pictured below), which contains Send, Create New templateSearch buttons and different check boxes.
  1. Enter any email address in the search box, and click on Search button to get the details of the lead Please Refer the below screen shot.



  1. With the selection of any check box, followed by clicking the search button, a number of contacts will be indexed based on the criteria (checkboxes) selected.
  • For example- If an email address and the Title checkbox is selected, then a list of contacts belonging to the same Title will generate on screen. Additionally, if one were to select Title + City, the customers who have the same Title and are in the same city will generate. The remaining check boxes will work in a similar fashion.
  1. Select Template – After narrowing down your prospects, click on Drop down to be able to select which prospect and what template(s) to message.
  1. New Template: Refer the screenshot below.
  1. This button/option allows a user to create his own template/message, rather than using one of the predesigned messages.



  1. As shown above. Options like Template NameSubject and Email body are customizable.
  • The email body should be entered without any customer information, as the system will automatically retrieve it when selecting the field(s).
  1. Click on Save button for the template to save within Salesforce.
  1. The newly created template will appear in the dropdown list once the page has been refreshed for future use.
  2. Standard templates are also available to use, as well. Please refer to the screenshot below.



  1. Ere, a User can select the desired name(s) and which message template they would like to send.
  • Note- User(s) can select one or more contacts and any one of the templates in the drop down.

Please refer below screen shot.







While these are the current functionalities of ABMm.io, developments will be made over the course of time. We appreciate any and all feedback on how we can advance our services.